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Scribacious, adj. given to writing

If you love writing or would love to write, these courses and workshops are crafted to get your ink flowing. The results are likely to intrigue and delight you. Suitable for all levels. All you need is a pen and paper and a will to write the stories you believe should not be forgotten.

Meet Your Course Leader –
Hedi Lampert

 I’m a professional writer and editor with over 35 years of experience and a massive portfolio of published work in magazines and newspapers. I am also the author of a novel, The Trouble With My Aunt.

 Having attended numerous creative writing workshops and completed three online writing courses, I now share what I believe to be the most effective and exciting of all the lessons I’ve learnt along the way. I coach writers in both fiction and non-fiction genres and I work both online and in person. 

I have a BA in English Literature from Wits University.
Other published work includes: a biography – With My Head Held High – The Mike Greeff Story. My short story, Photographs, appears in a compilation called Women Flashing.

What participants have to say about the course:

Spending a few hours a week in Hedi’s beautiful home with the aroma of her fresh baked goodies as extra incentive to write our hearts out was just what the doctor ordered. Hedi provides both structure and freedom. She has a wonderful warmth and after just one session had already provided me with fresh insight into my writing process as well as supportive critique. It was an absolute treat and I’m very grateful for time well spent.

Thank you Hedi!
Charisse Louw

Dear Hedi, Thank you so much for a wonderful and fruitful 8 weeks with you. About four years ago I decided to write my second book, to describe my journey of personal growth & transformation after Anton’s callous and brutal murder and the deafening silence around his death, that followed. I made many attempts, but I just could not call forth within me the discipline to actually pull it off.

This all changed after meeting with you and engaging in the writing workshop. I want to thank you for your patience to listen to all my ramblings and so getting clarity in my own head what it is I actually wanted to write. The exercises you tasked me with,worked wonders to access deep within me many things I had forgotten and they enabled me to experience my world and my life in a new, much more colourful dimension. This so inspired me, that the block was removed and suddenly a flow started that has not dried up yet.

It is a cleansing and liberating process to write and I experience daily how far I have come and how much is still possible. You provided such a safe, nurturing, inspirational and enjoyable space and I loved the tasty treats and coffee you provided in addition to all of this.

I have completed 7 chapters and am planning to do 13 chapters. I am aiming at 60 000 words.

Gabrielle Lubowski


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Creative Writing Courses

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Creative flow

For the love of words.
An eight-module creative writing course, thoughtfully crafted and structured to entice the words within to get up and dance across the page!

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Writing a book

So, you want to write a book?
Eight modules crafted to get you thinking and acting like the author you’re destined to be. Chapter one of your book starts here…

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Single – Session Workshops

Now available online

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The Good Ear

Bringing your writing alive with dialogue

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To me or not to me

The author’s voice and settling on POV

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Rhythm and Rhyme

Poetry and rhyming narrative

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