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Hedi Lampert is a Mondi award-winning writer and editor, with extensive publishing experience, an accomplished food stylist and photographer, with a vast portfolio of published work, and an up-and-coming voice artist with a background in radio broadcasting.

Hedi Lampert won her first writing prize at the age of eight, for an essay she wrote about her mother. Since then she has received numerous writing prizes including a Mondi Award for excellence in journalism.

Her work has been published extensively in magazines and newspapers, including Style, Femina and Essentials, and she is the author of The Trouble With My Aunt,  as well as a biography – With my head held high – The Mike Greeff Story. Hedi brings an insatiable curiosity in the field of human psychology, behaviour and relationship dynamics into her writing, which has been described as profoundly insightful, warm and witty.


“Hi Hedi
I have just read your article about Jean. I have been massively wowed!
It is superb – one of the best I’ve seen.”

Anton Doyle

“Hedi is a creative force!”
“Hedi Lampert is a brilliant writer!”
“She has an incredible eye. Her food styling and photography are spectacular”
“Congratulations on ‘Outlook’ – it is an excellent magazine with some super interesting articles and recipes. I thoroughly enjoyed the last edition and so eagerly read Issue 36 which landed in my post-box in Lynfrae today.”


“Hello Hedi,
This is quite the most insightful and informed article on my work I have seen to date. I thoroughly enjoyed your effervescent and lucid style. You have captured the essence of my art!
Best wishes”

Jean Doyle