Creative Flow Course

Creative Flow Course

An eight-module creative writing course, thoughtfully crafted and structured to entice the words within to get up and dance across the page!

In each of the eight two-hour online sessions I will be serving up inspiration, structure, constructive exercises, support and a safe space to spread your creative wings.

Please contact me to arrange convenient dates and times for your sessions.

This course is online.
Cost of eight-week course: R6400.
Early bird discount: Get R200 off by paying upfront within 24 hours of booking.


Course outline


Starting Your Engine

This session is going to get you out of the starting blocks. We’ll blow the cover on all the reasons you’re currently not writing, then arm you with the motivation, structure, space and most importantly, the inspiration to move forward.


Write With All You Have.

This session is about infusing your writing with immediacy and vitality. It is through your senses that your reader will be immersed into new worlds.


Time to Flash

This is the most fun you can have with your pen. This is the session in which just about everything can and will be used as a source of inspiration.



No cardboard characters here! This session gives you all the tools to bring your characters to life.



Whether you are writing a short story or a novel, mastering the art of scene writing is crucial.


The Short Story – Part One

Let’s get stuck in and use the building blocks of scene and sequel to drive the all-important plot.


The Short Story – Part Two

Putting it all together
We’ve created the road map, now it’s time to take our reader on the journey.


The edit

Time to step back, see the wood for the trees, then go in and prune! In this session, I share my tips, tricks and pointers gleaned from years of practise as a professional editor.

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