Writing is a lonely business and not everyone is cut out for solitude – some of us are more like electric kettles – plug us in to other sources and we don’t just reach boiling point, we sing too.

Whether you’re a poet, an aspiring novelist, planning to write a memoir or are already quite far along in achieving your writing goal, scheduling time to meet up with other writers in person can inspire you to new and surprising heights.

Here are 10 reasons to sign up for creative writing classes:

1.Accountability: Writers are notorious procrastinators – many of us only produce work when confronted with a deadline. Seek out a structured writing course which includes projects and deadlines which will spur you on to be productive.

2.Commitment: Enrolling in a face-to-face course as opposed to an online course means you’re committing to specified dates and times. You’re undertaking to free up time slots dedicated to your writing.

3.Motivation: An effective writing coach will structure classes which spur you on to produce your best writing not only during classes, but also in the time between classes, since you’ll be keen to present what you’ve crafted since the last lesson.

4.Essential new skills: Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned writer honing your craft, there are always new techniques, tips and insights to be gained. Whether it’s a new way of approaching plot creation, dialogue, POV or dramatic scene writing, a writing class can help to shift you into a new and exciting gear.

5.Constructive criticism: Like-minded peers can offer honest and useful feedback and encouragement, which helps you to improve your writing skills and prepare you for the reality of putting your work into the public domain.

6.Leverage group discussion to cut through the fog: Whether you’re experiencing writer’s block or can’t make up your mind about the path your writing should take, brainstorming ideas and discussing options with your fellow writers for your plot and characters often results in a surge of creativity and can set you off on a brand new journey adding colour and intrigue to your writing. 

7.Support and encouragement: Sharing what you’ve written with your group can be a truly rewarding and indeed encouraging experience. This can be particularly useful if you lack confidence. Use this as a springboard to sharing your writing with a wider audience.

8.Friendship and networking: Strong friendships often grow from shared interests and a writing group provides fertile ground for like-minded individuals. Making connections also means you are privy to recommendations for resources, services and other people with whom you can network to get you closer to your writing goals.

9.A sense of achievement: The writing you produce in and as a result of your classes is likely to bring a huge sense of personal achievement and can be used to contribute towards a greater body of work or catalyse you into making a start on your dream writing project.  

10.Professional recognition: Completing a writing course during which you have acquired new skills gives you professional credibility and as such, you can add it to your CV.